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Create a very Productive and Secure Environment for your Employees to Work from

  • Energy Savings and Sustainability

  • Asset Management

  • Patch Management

  • Security, and Policy Compliance

  • Productivity Management

IPM+ Unified Endpoint Management

IPM+ Unified Endpoint

AI-based multi US Patented Endpoint Solutions

Awards recieved by IPM+
A comprehensive solutions for IT Endpoint Management
IPM+ Endpoint Management suite performs the functions of Productivity Optimization, Asset Management,
Patch Management, and Power Management in a single product with a single agent installed on endpoints.
Energy savings & Sustainable
Energy savings & sustainable vector
  • Multi US Patented AI PowerMind energy saver

  • Non-Intrusive Power Management Solution

Asset Management
  • Comprehensive Printer, Cartridge & Paper Quota Management + Analytics

  •  Proactive Asset & Lifecycle Management

  • Asset Monitoring with 100+ parameters in real time

Patch management
  • Patch Management for Hybrid Work Paradigm

  • Low Bandwidth Automated Patching Solution

Security, Policy & Compliance Management
Security, Policy & Compliance Management
  • Policy and Compliance Engine with real time audits (100+ out of box policies)

Productivity management
  • Adaptive Employee Productivity Management

  • Comprehensive Employee activity monitoring

IPM+ is saving energy on 6+ million devices across 30,000+ offices worldwide
Start using your PC to its potential for long hours while we manage the IT needs, issues and security in real time
  • Designed to support employees working from anywhere

  • Helps contribute to organizational sustainability with up to 50% proven energy savings

  • Helps build a high-performance organization with up to a 25% increase in productivity

  • Assures best utilization of enterprise IT assets, Life cycle support with reduction of CAPEX

  • Ensures IT asset health proactively and automatically and reduction of OPEX

  • Assures Endpoint Security and Compliance, real-time critical patches

  • Print Management results in cost reduction and sustainability

  • Non-intrusive solution proven by index scores like Passmark and IntelBurnTest

What our customers are saying


Vigyanlabs is honored to be acknowledged in the SBI Annual Sustainability Report for savings achieved by the use of their patented solution IPM+ on desktops. SBI saved over Rs.10 Cr during the reporting period and their consolidated savings since 2016 are over Rs. 43 Cr in value"



We deployed IPM+ in thousands of systems last year. IPM+ has helped us move to a more proactive IT management strategy by addressing IT problems before they start hampering employee productivity.



We deployed IPM+ on 4994 pcs in Nov 2019 and we found a reduction in energy Bill's in branches we identified for monitoring. We did an energy meter test to validate the hard meter to soft meter accuracy along with Comprehensive trials on 545 pcs. We are getting an overall average of 28%-30% savings with an excellent support system.

We helped them with sustainability
SBI Bank
Societe Generale
Hinduja Global Solutions
Fortis Healthcare
Aditya Birla Capital Life Insurance
Future General Insurance
L&T Power
Tata Power
Vodafone Idea
ICICI Lombard
General Insurance
Larsen & Toubro
Aditya Birla Group
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