Intelligent Power Management


AI powered solution to cut your energy consumption, CO2 footprint and enable smart automation

IPM+ Endpoints

IPM+ Endpoints
  • ECMS

IPM+ an AI-enabled, multi US patented Endpoint management software that perform the functions of multiple endpoint products in one single product. IPM+ endpoint suite performs the functions of energy management, Patch Management, Health Management, Productivity Management, Security & Compliance Management as well as Print Management in a single product with a single agent installed on endpoints. IPM+ performs all these functions in a completely non intrusive manner proven by industry standard performance index scores like PassMark and BurnTest.


IPM+ Smart Buildings

IPM+ Smart Buildings
This is an AI-powered advanced energy management and predictive maintenance system for buildings enabling monitoring, analysis, decision making and actioning to achieve significant energy and cost savings.


IPM+ Data Centers

IPM+ Data Centers
This is an end to end data center energy management product to enhance the PUE and improve the uptime for data centers without any intrusion into existing DC setup. This helps in significantly reducing Data Center energy costs, HW costs, VM licensing costs and Cooling loads. It also helps in analyzing, alerting, predicting and pro-actively acting on anomalies in Data Center thus reducing emergency situations.


IPM+ Personal Edition

IPM+ Personal Edition
IPM+ Personal Edition brings the power of award winning, multi US patented PowerMind AI technology to your personal laptops and desktops.

  • Extend your laptop battery by up to 30%.
  • Protects your personal network from potential vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Keep your PCs in optimum performance level - Get alerts and actions to tune your PC.
  • Keep your PCs in optimal hardware health - Get alerts on battery, temperature levels, HDD Full etc and actions to fix those.
  • Deploy personal security policies to prevent unauthorized access to your systems.
  • Download comprehensive diagnostics reports of your PC.
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About Us

Vigyanlabs is an innovation driven organization focused on building Intelligent Power Management and Self-Care products to promote green computing and save money for Enterprises. Founded by Srinivas Varadarajan and Srivatsa Krishnaswamy, we have attracted some of India’s best talent to create new intellectual property and build technology products to deliver the benefits of our IP and knowledge base to the society at large rapidly.

Our Vision

  • To be a visionary technology company for sustainability

Our Mission

  • To harness the power of emerging technologies to better manage energy consuming devices and to reduce their energy footprint

Our Values

  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Respect for Nature and Life
  • High Performance Culture
  • Social Responsibility
  • Research and Innovation
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Individual Excellence and Team Work

The Team

Srinivas Varadarajan

Founder - CEO

Srivatsa Krishnaswamy

Founder - Director

Sunil Chandiramani

Investing Director

Sanjaya Ganesh

Chief Product Architect



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