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IPM+, which is a solution implemented by vigyanlabs to monitor and manage power utilization by laptops and desktops, implements predetermined power management policies on the host system to curb wastage of power.IPM+ has successfully enabled savings of around 65% in power consumption and helped reduce emissions.we are going ahead with 6,988 machines under IPM+ solution, which will give us additional power savings.


An intelligent power management utility software, IPM+, has been introduced by SBI.

This software has been installed since May 2016on all office desktops across the nation, and is used for optimizing the distribution and use of el


We deployed IPM+ on 4994 pcs in Nov 2019 and we found a reduction in energy Bill's in branches we identified for monitoring. We did an energy meter test to validate the hard meter to soft meter accuracy along with Comprehensive trials on 545 pcs. We are getting an overall average of 28%-30% savings with an excellent support system.

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We deployed IPM+ in thousands of systems last year. IPM+ has helped us move to a more proactive IT management strategy by addressing IT problems before they start hampering employee productivity.


IPM+ is highly customizable helping us customize the product as per our needs. The energy management module bundled into the offering has given us approximately 45% energy savings which subsidizes our IPM+ license costs significantly.


We deployed IPM+ in Sep 2018 on 1000 PCs after undergoing comprehensive trials on 466 PCs and cross-checking hardware meter/software meter accuracy and its effectiveness on reducing energy bills in our Thane Lodha iThink Branch. We increased the license base to 2000 PCs last year and are averaging an overall savings which is substantial and backed by an excellent support system from Team Vigyanlabs. I am happy to recommend to Enterprises to adopt IPM+ Product Suite to optimize their operational cost.

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