Productivity Management

Productivity Management
Unlock the full potential of your Workforce by analyzing and optimizing how your teams spend time that impacts your clients and enterprise.

Your Work Environment Can Make or Break Productivity, 

  • About 65% of the employees use the internet for activities that are non-work-related during work hours.
  • 48% of employees use apps that weren't distributed by their IT department.
  • In an 8 hour workday, an average employee is reported as being productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes.
  • 43% believe that they have to switch between too many apps just to get the basic work done.
  • As many as 72% of organizations believe the impact of the coronavirus pandemic will be felt in the near future and the single biggest concern for continued remote working is a fall in productivity.

IPM+ drives employees' performance by discovering inefficient practices with continuous evaluation. It helps your team to work at full capacity, improves your business goals, and accelerates growth.

Implement a strategic and comprehensive employee productivity management system with IPM+ AI Adaptive intelligence.

  • Productivity and time tracking for in-house and remote employees
Remote workers, when managed properly, can cost companies less than in-house employees. With IPM+ attendance reporting, login logout tracking, time tracking, and AI-driven adaptive screenshots and liveness monitoring features you can effectively monitor your in-house and remote employees.

  • Identifying employees' inefficient practices
IPM+ helps businesses to discover unproductive time by tracking long and short duration breaks, websites browsed by employees, time spent on social media and has the ability to define productive and non-productive apps and report productivity based on that.

  • Application usage analysis and reporting.
Shows a list of all applications and their usage hours and day-wise usage patterns of all the employees.

  • Productive hours report
Track employee-wise productivity and idle hours.

  • Team and Organization Performance Tracking
This feature allows comparing the productivity of employees within a team, the productivity of multiple teams, and manager under a senior manager and also the organizational productivity trends.