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IPM+ for Endpoints Productivity Management

Enable employees to work from anywhere and maintain high employee and organizational productivity 

Exceed your client and enterprise goals by unlocking the full potential of your workforce by optimizing employee productivity. Let employees work anywhere and you can still ensure team and individual performance using the built-in IPM+ adaptive AI Productivity Optimizer.


Analyze and eliminate productivity bottlenecks. Reward good performers. Compare teams and managers based on data driven analytics.


Increase Employee Productivity by up to 25%.

Help your teams to work at their full capacity, Discover inefficient practices with continuous evaluation. Get the best ROI for your org.

Let Employees work anywhere without compromising organizational performance.

Reap the cost benefits of work from home without impacting the organization. 72% of organizations say that single biggest concern in continued remote working is a fall in productivity. Track Productivity and time for on-premises and remote employees.

Improve your business goals, and accelerate growth, deliver on time.

Implement a strategic and comprehensive employee productivity management system with IPM+ AI Adaptive intelligence.


Track Productivity - Individual, Team and Organization.

You can compare the productivity of employees within a team, the productivity of multiple teams at different levels of management. Track Organizational productivity trends to know scope for improvement.



Detailed Timesheet Analytics

IPM+ helps in recognizing & rewarding productive employees and identifying improvement opportunities for your business and employees.

Identify inefficient employee practices

IPM+ helps managers to discover unproductive time by tracking long and short duration breaks, websites browsed, has the ability to define productive and non-productive apps and websites. Productivity hours are computed based org specific configuration and the data collected. Use of internet or social media for non-work activities during work hours beyond acceptable norms can be discouraged. Classify URLs based on productive or non-productive category and track productivity accordingly.

Effectively monitor in-house and remote employees adaptively

With IPM+ attendance reporting, login logout tracking, and time-usage tracking along  AI-driven adaptive screenshots and liveness monitoring you follow the principle – “Track more when productivity falls and trackless when productivity improves”.

Application usage analysis and reporting

Shows a list of all applications and their usage hours and day-wise or any period-wise usage patterns of all employees and teams. Orgs can Identify unproductive applications and classify applications as productive or non-productive and track productivity based on custom configurations. Track files used and worked upon by the employee.


Monitor and enhance Productivity at all levels of org

Compare the productivity of employees within a team, the productivity of multiple teams, at different levels of management. Track Organizational productivity trends and plan and realize enhanced performance.

Customize your productivity dashboards                                                                                      

Dashboards can be defined for monitoring and reporting interactively without much effort.

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