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IPM+ for Endpoints Patch Management

Automate Patching and on-demand Remediation capabilities in-time, even on low speed networks 

With IPM+ Patch Management, keep your Enterprise Systems patched to the most optimal levels with urgency, ensuring their security and performance.


Prevent costly attacks and data breaches by plugging vulnerabilities of your OS and applications with near real-time critical patching and IPM+ Security and Compliance and  Automatic Healing & Remediation capabilities.

Let your employees work anywhere, anytime, over secure and unsecured networks, over high speed or low bandwidth networks.

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Save costs with automated patching and minimal helpdesk support.

Scale effortlessly over 100,000’s of devices distributed over 1000’s of locations.

Monitor patch progress with IPM+ customizable dashboard and extensive ready-to-use reports.



IPM+ End to end comprehensive patch management process helps in the creation of patches, management, retraction, progress tracking, pausing, enabling, and disabling patches as the situation demands. IPM+ supports all Windows and Linux operating system flavours for endpoints. 

With IPM+ vulnerability scanning avoid costly data breaches and perform prioritized, expedited patching of your OS and applications in time. Do it with minimal staff.

Critical / Emergency Patching feature in IPM+ helps to mark specific high priority patches as critical patches which are pushed to endpoints in near real-time.

Automated Web crawled Central Cloud Patch Repository* of all OS and common application patches updated daily to ensure latest patches from one place. This also ensures that your applications are always at their best and highest security level.

Patch any location with On-prem or a cloud-based deployment model over high or low bandwidth networks that are secure or unsecured.

IPM+ also comes with intelligent bandwidth throttling to patch remote working systems and systems in low bandwidth networks without choking the network. This also helps in easy and effective patching of work from home systems.  

Customizable reporting and dashboarding frameworks help to create custom reports and dashboards on the fly without writing a single line of code. The framework supports a wide variety of charting types and panels with drag-n-drop and zoom in and out features across any chosen time range. Several standard administrative reports including patch status, patch progress etc. are available out of the box.

Extremely flexible grouping options for patching using our SQL driven rule engine

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