Patch Management

Patch Management
Effective Patch Management helps businesses improve their vulnerability management by proactively removing potential weaknesses in their software. 

Why Software Patching is Important,

  • 57% of data breaches are attributed to poor patch management. Source: Ponemon.
  • 37% of breach victims confirmed they do not scan their systems for vulnerabilities. Source: Ponemon.
  • 34% of breach victims knew they were vulnerable before they were breached. Source: Ponemon.
  • 74% of companies cannot patch fast enough because they do not have enough staff. Source: Ponemon.
  • 65% of businesses state that it is difficult to prioritize patches. Source: Ponemon.
  • The average time for organizations to close a discovered vulnerability (caused by unpatched software and apps) is 67 days. Source: Edgescan.

IPM+ is a solution that keeps all servers and workstations patched and updated with the latest security updates, and a whole lot more. It works with multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, as well as many third-party applications.

Implement a strategic and comprehensive patch management of endpoints with IPM+ 

  • Proven scalability beyond 200000 Nodes for Desktop, Laptops, Servers, and Workstation using a single solution user interface.
  • Patching for all remote locations can be managed centrally using a central management Server - ON PREM and CLOUD mode of deployment.
  • Enterprise directory integrations.
  • Deploy and manage centrally both 3rd-party application patches, security updates, and OS patches.
  • Patching over low-speed connections at remote sites by advanced bandwidth throttling capabilities.
  • Ability to patch Work from Home systems via low bandwidth home networks.
  • Group-wise patching and reporting.
  • Support users connecting through VPN and internet-connected users.
  • Reporting patch error rate centrally for all devices, the ability to pause and resume specific patches based on error rates.
  • Real-time update of critical patches.
  • Support patching based on extremely flexible customized criteria for selecting endpoints work anywhere. Ability to even group nodes based on custom SQL online (for power users).
  • Easy-to-use and powerful reporting options to determine the status of patches and demonstrate to auditors on systems patching and compliance, Create custom reports and dashboards on the fly.
  • Support both on-premise and cloud-based Server.
  • Hybrid patching for large patches. (Use patch console on the cloud to configure patches but host patch files in local intranet to pull locally (instead of cloud).
  • Web crawled patch repository of all common application patches including approval workflow for those patches.
  • Centralized or local patch repositories.
  • Monitor mandatory applications installation status.
  • Remote remediation and healing.
  • The same agent can be used to add on other modules of IPM+ Endpoints Product Suite.