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Unleash the power of IPM+ to save power on your PC &
extend battery life.

  • Up to 50% Power savings

  • Learns about usage & adapts in real time

  • No impact in performance & interaction

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IPM+ PowerWise Pro (Personal Edition)

AI based power saving software for your PC

Starting at just 200/-

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We are here to protect your PC
AI powered Patented technology that save power, increase battery life & reduces heat generation
PowerMind AI Engine

Our Patented award-winning AI Power Mind technology extends your laptop battery by up to 30% in a non-intrusive manner.

Customize savings and App

Built-in application sensors for no intrusion in your work. You can add your own.

Extend Battery Life

Monitors your battery health and will notify you when it is due for replacement.


Get alerts when battery needs to be replaced and temperature information

Save energy up to 50%

Our Patented award-winning AI Power Mind technology saves up to 50% power consumption.

IPM+ is saving energy on 6+ million devices across 30,000+ offices worldwide
Start using your PC to its potential for long hours while we handle energy performance and security in real time


1 Year

2 Years

3 Years


1 Device

₹ 399 ₹250

798 450

₹ 1197 ₹600

3 Device

₹ 1149 ₹719

₹ 2069 ₹1295

₹ 2758 ₹1727

5 Device

₹ 1835 ₹1149

₹ 3303 ₹2068

₹ 4404 ₹2757

Customers Ratings

I  started using IPM+ PowerWise Pro software and I have been really impressed with the results. The software has helped me extend my laptop's battery life significantly, which has been incredibly useful when I'm working remotely or traveling.



Software Tech Lead,

Mysuru, India

As someone who uses their laptop extensively throughout the day, I have found that IPM+ is an absolute must-have. This software has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to get the most out of my battery life and keep my laptop running smoothly and efficiently for much longer periods of time.



Freelance Consultant,

Bengaluru, India

I love IPM+ PowerWise Pro feature which tells me exactly what my battery health and wear levels are along with number hours my battery charge has been extended. It has also significantly reduced by laptop heat and fan noise problem which I had been facing for a long time



Angel Investor,

Delhi, India

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What our customers are saying


Vigyanlabs is honored to be acknowledged in the SBI Annual Sustainability Report for savings achieved by the use of their patented solution IPM+ on desktops. SBI saved over Rs.10 Cr during the reporting period and their consolidated savings since 2016 are over Rs. 43 Cr in value"



We deployed IPM+ in thousands of systems last year. IPM+ has helped us move to a more proactive IT management strategy by addressing IT problems before they start hampering employee productivity.



We deployed IPM+ on 4994 pcs in Nov 2019 and we found a reduction in energy Bill's in branches we identified for monitoring. We did an energy meter test to validate the hard meter to soft meter accuracy along with Comprehensive trials on 545 pcs. We are getting an overall average of 28%-30% savings with an excellent support system.

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We helped them with sustainability
SBI Bank
Societe Generale
Hinduja Global Solutions
Fortis Healthcare
Aditya Birla Capital Life Insurance
Future General Insurance
L&T Power
Tata Power
Vodafone Idea
ICICI Lombard
General Insurance
Larsen & Toubro
Aditya Birla Group
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