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IPM+ for Endpoints Energy Management

Save upto 50% energy with our Multi US Patented AI PowerMind on your Endpoints & enable profitable sustainability. 

IPM+ AI PowerMind Energy Management helps you rapidly enable software-based energy metering and energy savings in your Personal Computing enterprise environments.

One of the largest banks is using IPM+ across its 25,000 branches and has saved more than 6 million USD to date in energy costs.


IPM+ delivers a many-fold energy saving impact for its enterprise customers and has been strongly endorsed by the CXO community of Fortune 500 customers.

For enterprises, IPM+ is the ideal tool to enable ‘green computing’ and achieve a strong return on investment through IT operating cost reduction.

IPM+ consists of a web-based Enterprise Console and agents that reside in end-user machines with an extremely low footprint.

Energy savings on enterprise computing devices thereby cut down operation costs and improve enterprise energy efficiency.




Patented AI PowerMind engine that saves up to 50% of endpoint energy consumption


Self-adapting Hyper Personalized Smart power schemes using PowerMind AI deep learning engine

Power policies can be configured based on schedules so that during peak load periods a high-power saving policy is enforced whereas during other times a moderate savings policy is enforced.

Ability to identify which are your most green and least green hardware.

Patented application, context and activity sensors for non-intrusive power savings

PowerMind AI ensures that there is no impact on productivity, performance and user experience.




Fine-grained power savings using Custom power states and component-level power optimization.

Unlike traditional power schemes that operate at a macro level, IPM+ follows a fine-grained, application sensing approach by which power usage is managed based on the specific needs of the application/software running on the hardware.



Big 5 certified patented Software Energy meter with +/- 10% accuracy against a highly accurate Hardware energy meter.

IPM+ through its Software Energy Meter provides a real-time quantification of energy consumption and savings achieved in IT infrastructure. This data is directly correlated to the cost of power and also reduction in CO2 footprint location wise and helps to set and meet green IT targets for business functions.

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