EA for Home Edition

IPM+ Energy Assistant for Endpoints (Home Edition) is a Stand Alone version of the market leading, award winning, multi US patented IPM+ Enterprise Edition which has saved more than 1340 GWH power across millions of individual users.


  • PowerMind AI engine to deep learn and adaptively manage your device power policies to extend your laptop battery by upto 30% in addition to savings upto 50% energy consumed from power supply
  • Ability to track and monitor your daily savings and sustainability metrics that you contributed to make our planet a better place to live 
  • Ability to schedule power saving activities in a more controlled fashion as you wish
  • Ability to gain deeper understanding on system and power capabilities of your device
  • Fine-grain control of your device security by enabling and disabling of your PC ports as needed
  • In depth power consumption and savings reports

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