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Reimagine your Data Center with IPM+ - A Smarter and a Unified Approach for DC Optimization

IPM+ for Data Centers breaks the silos among facilities, electrical, IT infrastructure, Virtualization, and Software application teams, providing a 360 degrees view of the DC in real-time, thereby significantly reducing the points of failure, optimizing utilization of all assets, and maximizing energy efficiency.

This also enables enterprises to take proactive and preventive actions which significantly reduce the Data Center downtimes.

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Manage Multi Hybrid Cloud

  • Manage single or multiple DC facilities from a single console

  • Get a Unified View of Energy, Cooling, IT & Virtualized Infra

  • Actionable intelligence through alerts and automation

  • Remotely Manage via Automatic Alerts & Notifications

Reduce Opex

  • Identify invisible energy wastage and plug the leaks

  • Reduce server energy & cooling costs by up to 25%

  • Optimize your cooling costs without any hardware sensors

  • Identify potential electrical anomalies before they happen

  • DC Thermal mapping for better cooling and cost savings.

  • Reduce Admin Costs

Minimize Capex and maximize utilization of existing capacity

  • Increase Rack Density by up to 40% 

  • Optimize IT infrastructure & energy consumption 

Maximize Uptime and Ensure High Reliability

  • Fully automated 24x7 Real-time energy & power quality audit 

  • Prevent rack tripping using PowerMind AI

  • Predict and Prevent Outages

Supported Devices
AI PowerMind & ML
  • UPS

  • Energy meters

  • PDUs

  • Servers

  • HVAC

  • T&H Servers

  • Hypervisors

  • Virtual Machines

  • Batteries

  • Access Control

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Predictive Analytics for Server Energy Management

  • VM Sprawl, Zombie Detection

  • Rack Space Optimizer

  • Consolidation Advisor

  • UPS and Phase load balancing

  • Optimized Thermal Mapping

  • Smart Server Allocator​

  • End to End Security

  • Role-Based Administration

  • Single Sign-on

  • Modbus, SNMP, SSH, IPMI, iLO, iDRAC Protocols

  • Power Consumption, Savings Reports, Bills

  • Multi-DC View

  • Unified View of Energy, IT

  • Shipped as Virtual Appliance

  • Scalable to handle 1000s of devices

  • Configurable Rule Engine

  • Sustainability Reports

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