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IPM+ for Endpoints Asset Management

Manage your Hardware and Software Assets proactively and predictively along with Advanced Policy and Compliance capabilities 

IPM+ asset management system is comprehensive with capabilities such as Automatic Discovery, Lifecycle management of IT HW and SW assets, CIS Security & Compliance, Health monitoring and automatic remediation.

IPM+ ensures in achieving best asset utilization and operational efficiency and significant savings in OPEX and CAPEX.


Discover  all your IT assets on Enterprise Network and VPNs.

Manage their Lifecycle efficiently and proactively with minimal manual intervention.

Save on your CAPEX with optimal utilization of all HW assets and SW licenses. Maximize asset performance and availability. Predict and plan potential procurements.

Ensure Security and Compliance of devices as per CIS policies.

Save on Printing costs with printer management and printing analytics.

Predict and fix potential threats, asset vulnerabilities, health issues before they become widespread and expensive problems.

Maximize productivity and uptime. Proactively monitor and understand the health of distributed devices that operate remotely. Act remotely and remediate automatically without having an admin virtually or physically connect with the endpoint.

Achieve high operational efficiency with automation, proactive remediation security & compliance.

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Automated Agentless Network Discovery

Network-wide discovery of all distributed Enterprise  Endpoints, Servers, Printers, NW equipment using the widest range of protocols in the industry. Discover host, OS, open ports and services. In addition track your asset locations using IoT, RFID, Barcode.

HW & SW Inventory, Remote Automatic Management of Life cycle and Costs

Capture, track and manage HW and SW Inventory, life cycle stages and costs across the organization in a remote automated manner. You can track 100+ parameters with no manual intervention.

Manage Device health, Performance and Utilization

IPM+ is the only Asset Tracking Software that tracks device health (Battery wear levels, Fan, Temperature issues, OS / Security errors, Security Health, System Performance and Utilization Issues.

Remote Remediation and Healing

Ability to custom & out of box deploy remediation tasks on remote machines to solve endpoint issues in near real-time. Heartbeat mechanism to enforce critical fixes in near real-time.

Org Policy & Compliance Enforcement

Enforce organizational policies including CIS policies, Track compliance and deviations & Report

Track System Changes at Component Level

Track what components within assets (RAM, NIC Card, HDD etc) are modified or missing.

SW License Management

Track and manage software licenses, blacklisting and whitelisting of apps, monitor applications, perform usage metering, use Umbrella licensing using common license codes.

Actionable Intelligence Dashboard

Monitor information of  SW and HW assets health & utilization status, alerts, any security issues, OS critical errors and upcoming maintenance/support requirements. Act on them immediately. Drill down to any asset and get a 360-degree view of all its parameters

Customize your productivity dashboards and reports

Customize your Dashboard for additional monitoring or analytics without writing a single line of code. Add new reports over and above the comprehensive built-in set.

Printer Management

Track all about your printers, print errors, Cartridge issues, toner level alerts, paper usage analytics etc. centrally

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